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Partnering with Visionary = Avoiding regulatory fines and penalties.

All businesses with employees are faced with potential fines and penalties if laws and regulations are not met. Many business owners and managers have minimized or eliminated these risks by working with a Workforce Employer Organization.


Avoid costly mistakes.

With professionals dedicated to payroll functions, Visionary's payroll management team has expertise, including compliance with all state and federal taxes and reporting regulations.

When you partner with Visionary, you will have access to a variety of payroll trending and management reports to help you efficiently manage your payroll costs.


Paycheck Protection Program

Visionary Payroll Solutions is available to assist new and existing clients with applications for available loans during these unprecedented times. 

Visionary Payroll Solutions will provide a list of documentation and assist in assembling an application for the loan. For VPS payroll clients, any fees will be waived.


Prioritize your employees' safety.

Visionary's team of certified and educated professionals will provide support in the administrative and HR-related elements of employee management. Our human resource experts will help you avoid problems and costly mistakes through top-notch advice and support through the countless situations that can arise.

We offer in-house legal counsel in addition to orientation programs, supervisor and employee handbooks as well as online training and access for employees and managers. Our experienced team assists with both state and federal employment law compliance, as well as guidance and best practices in a myriad of human resource functions.


Offer "big company" benefits.

Visionary provides employee benefits through highly rated national carriers. We deliver superior benefit plans and strive to secure the best rates and plan designs.

Visionary's benefits team has extensive experience in insurance negotiations and plan design and management.

By partnering with us you can offer "big company" benefits, even if you only have a few employees. Use our knowledge and buying power to your advantage.


Reduce your risks.

As an employer, you are legally responsible for achieving and maintaining compliance with federal and state laws in areas such as personnel, human resources, payroll tax, workers' compensation and benefits. Without the guidance of a skilled professional who has studied the laws and guidelines, you are much more likely to make critical mistakes which could cost you greatly.


Don't let claims bring you down.

Every business has risks. From physical site operations to hiring and having employees, there are risk elements that need to be understood and controlled in order for a business to prosper. We have the knowledge and professional safety staff to assist business owners in identifying business-specific risks and can assist in the development and implementation of cost effective solutions to control, if not eliminate, these risks.


Expert guidance.

Visionary offers a full complement of recruiting services, enabling our clients to significantly reduce the time and cost of most recruiting activities. Our recruiting professionals have the depth and breadth of experience to identify, screen, and recruit the best candidates for the right jobs.

Visionary works with you from start to finish to find the candidate you need. We write suggested job descriptions, provide guidance on salary, provide electronic interview questions, and monitor the flow of candidates until each job is filled.


Streamline back office operations.

The customer experience often begins and ends with the back office. By optimizing back office systems, processes and staff performance, businesses can achieve gains in productivity that can carry over to customer interactions.
The result: reduced costs, lower call volume and greater customer satisfaction overall.

Visionary provides back office optimization solutions designed to help you alleviate non-revenue producing tasks, improve resource utilization and gain insight into key factors impacting back office performance and the customer experience.

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